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Mr Mlata also know as Chippa was born in Mbekweni township where he grew up with the idea of business in mind. In 1996 he started business with a public phone shop. Due to his patience he managed to develop his business until he managed to own thirteen containers as his public phones. Due to the expansion of the phone shop business amongst the community Chippa decided to sell away his public phones which managed to raise him enough capital to start Chippa’s restaurant. In 2015 he started building the place and up to date Chippa’s business is getting even more and more successful. Chippa’s Place is a business initiative, which seeks to address the needs of both local and international tourist markets.

The company focuses on the grwoing concept of developing a township tourisn corridor. This means, there is a growing trend from variuous international and local tourist to seek for places which can demonstrate the cultural diversity within various South African Township. Thus the restaurant intends to offer it’s market unique in-house brands of African delicacies and beverages. It’s physical layout, attractive exterior and interior designs is a combination of the various artistics creations of the local people, which is a true ddemonstration of the ethos of building social capital.

The business’s geographical location and its products are a clear illustration of a customer-driven service. The business is located adjacent to the Mbekweni Shopping Centre, Taxi Rank, Community Hall, Day Hospital, Mbekweni Library and Langabuya Primary School, thus making it able to have a competitive market share, it is currently the only service provider of high-up market fast food for discerning consumers. Thus with the transformation of the Western Cape Tourism Industry, the business is proud to be associated and/or building profitable relations with Integrated Tourism Entrepreneurship Support Program (ITEST). Siyaya African Restaurant together with other reputable business within the Paarl Valley intends to contribute as tourist attraction place to put Chippa’s Place on the International Tourist Map.

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